Winning with eCommerce: How Mattel Struck Gold with Content and Analytics

According to a poll in 2016, UPS and comScore found that 51% of purchases (excluding grocery) are now being made online. Fortune Magazine also echoed that for the first time, consumers are shopping online for most of their purchases. With many analysts now saying that a tipping point in consumer buying habits has occurred. More and more online shopping studies highlighting similar trends, manufacturers, brands, and retailers are waking up to a changing retail environment that can no longer be ignored.

Recognizing these trends, leading toy manufacturer Mattel, sought new ways to improve sales and preserve brand equity online. They pinpointed omnichannel as its opportunity for growth, due to the ability to make the customer experience seamless and engaging through multiple avenues.

Learn how Mattel used Content Analytics' end to end eCommerce platform to achieve amazing results, including:

  • Decreasing out-of-stock rates from 43.7% to 16.3% between Nov-Dec of 2016.
  • Improving in-stock rates for key drivers by 18% from 76% to 92%.
  • Optimizing the content of its top 545 SKUs, to the point at which they earned Content Analytics’ Content Health score of 100% on every item.


"When you’re dealing with thousands of SKUs across multiple channels, having the right tools and data consolidated in one place helps us pinpoint exactly where to accelerate change."

Erika Zubriski, VP Sales, Mattel